We offer 8 Unique Personality Impact Assessments:

1. Communication


3. Sales

4. Sales Leadership

5. Growth

6. College & Career (High School & College students)

7. Student Success Report (8-12 yr old) - NEW!

8. Entrepreneur Impact Report - NEW!


Communication Impact Report & DISC Report

Each of us is wired with a very unique style of communication and how we collaborate with others. When we take our best and use it to serve people and projects, we can enjoy a higher degree of performance and a lesser degree of difficulty in our interactions with others. Based on your responses to the online assessment, this report shows your communication style and offers tips for how you can connect more effectively with others. It also provides information on your strengths in influencing results, all of which are important when communicating, connecting, and collaborating with others.


Your report uses the DISC Personality System. The DISC Personality System is the universal language of behavior. Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together in four major groups. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific behavioral characteristics common to that style. All people share these four styles in varying degrees of intensity. The acronym DISC stands for the four personality styles represented by the letters :

D = Dominant, Driver
I = Influencing, Inspiring

S = Steady, Stable
C = Correct, Compliant


Knowledge of the DISC System empowers you to understand yourself, family members, co-workers, and friends, in a profound way. Understanding behavioral styles helps you become a better communicator, minimize or prevent conflicts, appreciate the differences in others, and positively influence those around you.


Sales Impact Report

Each participant will learn their unique selling style, their strengths and how to maximize them, their challenges and how to overcome them, the keys to recognizing their prospect’s buying style and the five-point strategy to improving sales with each of the four primary buying styles. 

If you sell any product, service, or a combination thereof, the Maxwell Sales Impact Report will guide you to impactful results!


Sales Leadership Impact Report

This report is recommended for anyone who is responsible to lead, manage and motivate sales reps. In addition to all of the information contained in the Sales Impact Report, Sales Mangers will be provided with the Sales Leadership Impact Report which provides insight to motivate and maximize each sales professional based on their unique selling style. They will learn the techniques and approaches, such as goal setting, motivation and communication, to connect to the unique style of each member of their team so they can lead them to higher results.


Growth Impact Report

This report provides the key aspects of your role preference on a team and what you value most in your work. Your TEAMS Style is a measure of your thinking and task preferences. The TEAMS Profile looks at the way people think and function best in a group or team environment. The TEAMS Profile breaks down the core functions of a group into five key roles preformed by the group to carry out tasks and accomplish goals.


Your Values Style is a measure of your ideals and hidden motivators. The Values Profile looks at the underlying and hidden motivators that affect behavior. Whereas Personality Style (DISC) is observable and personality issues can be resolved with some effort, Values Styles are not as observable or easily resolved. Values are hidden and ingrained deep in our subconscious. The Values Profile assesses an individual’s need to have four core values met in his/her life. All people share these four Values Styles in varying degrees of intensity.


College and Career Impact Report (High School, College students)

Imagine having a tool that will help you make the best decision about your college major based on your personality style.  Now imagine how much time, money and energy you would save, for yourself or your child, if you could take a 10-15 minute assessment to help you make those college/career choices. 


This report provides students and those in the midst of career transition with a well rounded view of their communication style, how their ideals show up in the work they do, their cognitive thinking and learning styles, their strengths as shown in our Power DISC the way they most influence results and there are several examples of career’s that would make great use of their strengths.This report provides students and those in the midst of career transition with a well rounded view of their communication style, how their ideals show up in the work they do, their cognitive thinking and learning styles, their strengths as shown in our Power DISC the way they most influence results and there are several examples of career’s that would make great use of their strengths.  TAKE OUT THE GUESS WORK WITH THIS ASSESSMENT.


Student Success Report (8-12 year old) -- NEW!

Here is what you will learn.

1. You will learn your unique personality.  Unlike a test you may take in school, there is no pass or fail. This report simply shows which of the four primary personality styles you have the most energy in. There is no good or bad report, just like there is no good or bad thumbprint. Each of us has special gifts, talents, and personality traits that make us amazing.

2. You will discover how your personality shows up with others. This will be helpful at home and at school.

3. You will see typical ways you may act in school. And you will find new ways to enjoy school, learn in ways that come easier to you, and communicate with your classmates and teachers.

4. You will learn how to grow into the best version of YOU!  Growth is an important part of life. You know that because you have already grown a lot! This report will help you grow into the best version of YOU…not someone else, but YOU. You don’t have to be like everyone else. You have special strengths, skills, and talents. Use what you learn in this report to grow those strengths, skills, and talents even more.

5. You will learn what motivates you.  "Do your homework, school work". "Clean your room".  "Eat your vegetables". Sometimes you are asked to do things that you may not want to do but are important for your health and future success. How can you motivate yourself to actually want to do these things and more? You must know your motivators. With the right motivators, even hard work becomes easy (and maybe even fun) for you. You have some great strengths! Whether you call them strengths, gifts, or talents, these are the areas where you can have the most success.


Entrepreneur Impact Report - NEW!

The world’s great economies, civilizations, innovations, and inventions have been the result of successful entrepreneurship. Perhaps you have a clear picture of your product or service, your business plan, and even your goals; but do you have a clear picture of your own strengths, communication style, and your selling strengths and challenges?


 In this report, you will discover:

* The environment where you do your best work

* How you communicate naturally and how you can best communicate with others

* Your work style

* Your strengths in seven key areas of influence

* Your selling strengths and challenges 


"The measure of a leader is not the number of people who serve him/her

but the number of people s/he serves.” - John C. Maxwell

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